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Okup Shakamb was founded in October 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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This site is made for the lore and legends of our orc clan and troop.

In 2017 we joined the german orc network Grat U Murdur

Okup Shakamb is a Lord of the Rings-inspired group of orcs.

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Updates to the content from 9th June 2017
  • More content and updates incoming - after we've returned from Drachenfest 2018!
  • We got an Instagram too now on OkupShakamb follow us there
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Content Overview: (of the current) Okup Wikia

Use the "Overview of the Wiki" in the very top - and explore the secret corners of the wiki we might not have enlisted here

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We also got a Facebook check it out here, to follow us and get the latest updates about our clan.

Other useful clan links: | Orklager | Wiki of Grat U Murdur | Nuclear Snail Studios-Youtube | Drachenfest official | Nirahams verden wiki (DK) |
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