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Okup Shakamb is a Lord of the Rings-inspired group of orc LARP'ers.

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Okup Shakamb was founded in October 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This site is made for the lore and legends of our orc clan and troop.

In 2017 we joined the german orc network Grat U Murdur

In 2021 we officially became part of Rollespilsfabrikken, and founded Dur'Gund Spazum

We've got a instagram OkupShakamb and Facebook check it out here, to follow us and get the latest updates about our troop.

Updates to the content from April 2021

  • Update to the Characters section, new recruits added to the list.
  • Update to the History section

Content Overview: (of the current) Okup Wikia

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